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Karcepts Sway Bar – sway bar weight comparisons

Well my post earlier about the weights of the different sway bars was well received, so I thought I’d look at the newest player in the S2000 sway bar market, the Karcepts sway bar. This is a great STR class sway bar or BS sway bar.  Here’s a pic:

Karcepts Sway Bar

Well here are the weights according to my trusty scale:

  • Stock brackets (this bar reuses the stock brackets):  14.6 oz x2
  • Endlinks:  7 oz x 2
  • Arms:  34 oz x 2
  • Bushing Mounts:  6.3 oz x 2
  • Bar (1.25″ hollow):  7 lb 15 oz
  • Hardware:  8 oz

So the total weight comes out to 16.2 lb.  This is significantly lighter than the Gendron, and just a little heavier than the Ankeny/ ARE bar.  Here are all the S2000 sway bar weights I’ve measured:

Sway Bar
Ankeny/ARE 1.375" Blade Bar14.75 lb
Karcepts 1.25" hollow front sway bar16.2 lb
Gendron 1.25" hollow bar with ball bearing mounts19.5 lb


And by the way, yeah I have all three bars in my garage.  Which one am I currently using?  The Karcepts one.  It’s pretty awesome.  More on that later.


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