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Small Fortune Racing (Gendron bar) vs ARE blade (Ankeny bar) sway bars: Which weighs more?

So I have in my possession both a Gendron 1.25″ hollow bar as well as an ARE hollow 1.375″ blade bar.  I’ve come full circle, having started a couple years ago on the Gendron bar for my STR S2000, to using the Ankeny bar last year, to now this year going back to Gendron.  I’ll put up a few posts here on the differences between the two but first, a common question is…which weighs more?

Well here are the weights including all brackets, hardware, etc according to my insanely accurate scale.

Gendron Bar:  19.5 lbs

Ankeny Bar:  14.75 lbs


And there you have it folks, the Ankeny is quite a bit lighter by almost 5 lbs.

BTW, I have an updated version of this post including the Karcepts bar.


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