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The main author of this blog is Jon Caserta.  Since he wrote the first sentence in the third person, he’s just gonna go ahead and keep writing that way for at least a paragraph, possibly more if this makes it past a paragraph.  You may know him as IntegraR0064 on various forums.   He is an automotive engineer who spends his weekends racing his car.

His autocross resume is actually surprisingly good looking particularly since he really can’t drive that well.  Although he started racing in the SCCA version of autocross that they call Solo in about 2001, he didn’t really get serious about it until around 2009 or so while driving a Miata in stock class.  Then finally at the tail end of 2010 he bought a Honda S2000 and got addicted to driving it fast around cones so started to take this thing really seriously.

The S2000 was built for the newly formed Street Touring Roadster (STR) class with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).  It was a long term build.  Everything was to be meticulously researched and thought out.  The target for completion was sometime in 2013, with racing it in the meantime.  Somehow that actually did happen according to plan!

str s2000


The car was raced both by him as well as by Victoria (Tory) Benya, who is a seriously fast girl.  Also various other tamed racing car drivers were brought in to compete in it.  Overall here are some highlights:

  • Jon
    • 2011 NJ ProSolo – 1st / 9
    • 2012 DC ProSolo – 1st / 14
    • 2012 Toledo ProSolo – 2nd / 17
    • 2012 Northeast US National Tour – 1st / 12
    • 2012 National ProSolo Season – 6th in the country
    • 2013 NJ ProSolo- 2nd / 21
    • 2013 Lincoln Spring Nationals ProSolo – 6th / 14
    • 2013 DC ProSolo – 4th / 29
    • 2013 Toledo ProSolo – 4th / 23
    • 2013 ProSolo Finale – 8th / 19
    • 2013 ProSolo Season, 9th in the country
    • 2011-2013 Philly Region SCCA Season Champion – STR Class
  • Tory
    • 2011 National Championships STRL class, 2nd place
    • 2012 National Championships STRL class, 3rd place
    • 2013 NJ ProSolo, L2/L3 Class – 3rd /14
    • 2013 DC ProSolo Ladies Challenge Winner
    • 2013 DC ProSolo L3 Class – 1st / 8
    • 2013 National Championships STRL class, 2nd / 6
    • 2013 ProSolo Season, 8th in the country
    • 2011-2012 Philly Region SCCA Season – 2nd place STR Class

It’s also worth noting that in the hands of David Marcus in 2013 our car was taken to 2nd place in the national ProSolo Championships and 4th place in the National Championships.  Not to mention winning every ProSolo he entered other than the finale in convincing fashion.  Seriously, some people…

Anyway I’ve learned a lot, done lots of testing, and am continuing to learn and test.  So I figured I’d put some of that info into a format that everyone can learn from.  So Enjoy.

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  1. Scott

    How might someone, like me, contact you directly for more details about your car setup?
    I just started co-driving in an AP1 and it needs some work :)

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