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STR S2000 Guide: Overview. What mods are allowed?

So you want to build an STR S2000 for SCCA Autocross?  Wondering which mods are allowed in STR?  This can help.

Firstly, here’s a list of what’s allowed to be changed.  If it’s not on this list generally it has to be OEM unless it’s “for comfort and convenience”.  Of course there’s some little creative stuff you can do, but this is 99% of it.  I’ve tried to summarize any restrictions but be sure to check the SCCA rule book before spending lots of money on something.

  1. Suspension
    1. Sway Bar (Front) including endlinks/mounts
    2. Sway Bar (Rear) including endlinks/mounts
    3. Shocks/Springs and/or Coilovers
    4. Pillowball (spherical bearing) top hats for your shocks
    5. Bushings (can’t be metal)
    6. Alignment
    7. One mod per corner to get more camber (for S2000s this is usually an offset upper or lower balljoint)
  2. Engine
    1. Intake
    2. Header
    3. Exhaust
    4. High Flow Catalytic Converter (note test pipes are not allowed)
    5. Reflashed or piggyback engine management (has to use OEM sensors only)
    6. Engine mounts (can’t be metal)
    7. Pulleys
    8. Oil Catch Can (OCC)
  3. Other Drivetrain
    1. Limited Slip Differential
    2. Differential bushings
  4. Wheels and Tires
    1. Wheels can be up to 9″ width
    2. Tires that are:
      1. 140 treadwear or more (note the rules are changing to 200 or more in 2015)
      2. 255 width or smaller
      3. At least 7/32″ tread as molded from the factory (any current 140 or 200 treadwear tire meets this)
  5. Brakes
    1. Pads
    2. Rotors (equal to or bigger than stock)
    3. Calipers (at least as many pistons as stock)
  6. Other
    1. Racing Seats (have to be at least 25 lbs including hardware/rails)
    2. Battery
    3. Remove spare tire/trunk tools/floor mats

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